Introducing the JTP Fine Art Gallery

We have recently moved into our new home in North Florida, and found ourselves in search of new inspiration for decorating. We stumbled across the work of Martyn Bullard in a recent edition of Architectural Digest in which he used a Moroccan influence mingled with a variety of black and white prints to create a look that we found inspirational as well and inviting.

That started us thinking through the thousands of images we’ve captured over the years on the various adventures we’ve experienced. There were so many, but each of the images we chose for our “Journeys” collection tells a unique story.

After going to the trouble of selecting, editing and framing each of the images, we decided to make them available for purchase in our own online, Fine Art Gallery.

Each image is available in two sizes: 11 x 14 and 16 x 20. The image will arrive at your home fully mounted and ready for display, in a black gallery frame.

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Cuba’s Caribbean


“Cuba’s Caribbean”  depicts a fleet of fishing boats displayed with the Morro Castle in the background. Cuba’s boats, like its, cars have been kept in operation through cunning and ingenuity since President Batista’s overthrow in 1959.






Gethsemane, His Garden

“Gethsemane, His Garden” was taken on our trip to the iconic land of Israel.  Some of the olive trees were over 2000 years old and quite possibly were standing as Christ endured the agony of a silent Heaven as he prayed that the cup of God’s wrath might pass from him.






Havana Style




“Havana Style” shows a 1957 convertible Ford Fairlane in pristine condition, parked in front of one the historic buildings of downtown Havana.








“The Lincoln Memorial”  is an image of this unforgettable landmark, shot against a cloudy, Washington D.C. sky.








The Old City, Jerusalem

“The Old City, Jerusalem” is a portrait of an ancient building in old Jerusalem that was believed to be the general area of the upper room where Jesus’s disciple were gathered on the Day of Pentecost.







The Washington Monument

“The Washington Monument” is an unforgettable image of the iconic Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.










Click here to visit the online gallery and start your order.

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