What to Wear for Family Beach Photos

Everyone wants their Family Beach Portraits to look amazing- and with the setting of blue ocean waves, grass-covered sand dunes, and a painted sky, amazing is possible! But it’s  important for the people in these portraits to compliment their surroundings, rather than work against them. Here are a few tips when deciding what to wear for your Family Beach Photoshoot:

1- Choose Solid, Neutral Colors that Compliment

Pastels or neutral colored outfits flow into the scenery, and help to create images that look like wall art. Be careful not to completely match (i.e., everyone wearing white shirts and khaki shorts), but instead to wear complimentary colors that reflect each individual’s personality! Sometimes, print on one or two people works- just so they don’t clash against one another. 

2- Choose Dressy and Fitted over Casual and Loose

Typically, what looks “date night dressy” at a local restaurant looks “just right” in a photo, while “casual Friday” choices in person can look sloppy or uninteresting in your images. Go ahead and choose the soft dress for her and linen shirt for him, rather than matching shorts and a ball cap.

3- Hair and Makeup Go a Long Way

Ladies, considering using your Family Portrait day as a spa day! You will not regret investing in good hair and makeup, even on a windy day! And if you don’t have time for going to a professional, remember that the same principle from above applies: “a little” makeup in person photographs as “no makeup”! “A lot” of makeup in person looks “just right’ in photos.

4- Don’t Forget to Wear Your Smile! 

Finally, remember that the goal is capturing YOUR family, and all of the joy you bring to one another. So, expect imperfect behavior from your kids, and just roll with it with a smile. If they fall in the sand and stain their perfectly ironed romper, we may be seconds away from a “throw them up in the air” masterpiece! Have fun together, and whatever you wear, your photos will reflect YOU in the most beautiful of ways! 

Here are some families who did a great job dressing for their Beach Photoshoot:



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